Gila Hot Springs

I have been lounging at  the beautiful Gila Hot Springs for the past week.  This at the junction of the GET and the CDT. Four hundred miles done after many challenges. North now on the CDT in summers heat. The first 30 miles is up the Canyon of the Middle Fork of the Gila River with over 80 fords. No water issues. The following 90 miles to Pie Town is across arid cattle country with few water sources.  Will be using cattle tanks again. Hoping navigation on the CDT will be easier then on the GET.


Into the Gila Wilderness

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    Slopes of Moggollon Baldy Gila Wilderness

    Hiked about 260 Miles on the Grand Enchantment Trail, from the Arizona Trail at Aravaipa Canyon to the Western edge of the Gila Wilderness – where I am headed next. I have been challenged to the core,  hiking in the heat over extremely rough terrain. Dangerous duty. Lost, searching for water, more then found. 65 Miles until I reach the CDT and start North into the Rockies. Still have lots of arid ground to cover in Summer’s coming heat. Hopefully, the snow will be gone by the time I reach the San Juan’s in Colorado.

190 Miles East on the GET

Moving slow and safe. New places seen a new. Heating up. Long stretches of an arid land lie ahead. Dangerous out here alone. What torturous agony. Poked by Agave, clawed and entrapped by Catclaw. Can’t go forward can’t go back. Swarmed by bees. Over two dozen stings. Eye swollen shut. Off route and stuck in  hell. Let me out! Two feet away – the route. Back on track. Heaven. And tonight, sleep beneath the stars. Diamonds

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    Swarmed, Eye Swollen 

of light cooling and soothing. Rest. Sweet bliss.