Bike Touring

I have been on the road touring on my 30 year old Novarro Ponderosa Mountain Trail Bike for about three weeks now. The bike has been in storage for these long decades and was never really used much. In excellent shape. Along with the bike I dug out the following items to work as panniers from the dark corners of my man cave, my storage area: Two waterproof compression duffles made by Seattle Sports for front panniers, a heavy duty water proof camera bag made by Water Shed to use as a handle bar bag, and two plastic water proof ammo can boxes converted for use as rear panniers. Then I ordered a Blackburn front rack, a pair of Schwalbe Marathon Mondial Tires and some heavy duty tubes. Then I put together a tool kit – and low and behold I am set for the road.

Handle bar dry bag, waterproof compression sacks, ULA Ohm 2.0 backpack, plastic dry boxes.
Bike loaded.

Thus far I have traveled from Carson City to the Northern boundary of Joshua Tree National Park, fighting head winds all the way south. What a battle trying to keep a loaded bike on the road with Mack Trucks barreling along from behind in a high wind. I’d rather be on a mountain top in a Thunder Storm.

I am doing short days, making adjustments and figuring things out as I go along. The learning curve has had a ruthless and sharp cutting edge. I am learning and that was the whole idea of trying something new.

Old Goat at East Glacier on the CDT 2017

Can you teach and Old Goat new tricks?

My ultimate destination is rather a blur, but like a true Vacilando I do have direction. I am headed farther south in the California deserts across Joshua Tree National Park, then on to the Parker area on the Colorado River or to Slab City on the Salton Sea.

If I start feeling more comfortable with this bike touring mode of travel, perhaps I will connect with the Southern Tier Bike Route across the Southern states of this great nation to Florida. We will see.

Southern Tier Bicycle Route

Please pray for me, I need all the help I can get.

Yours forever Gliding On!



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