Flash Back September 2017 CDT – Warm Showers Biker Hiker Host

When on the Continental Divide Trail at Chief Joseph Pass, Curtis Bunton from Darby, Idaho hailed me over to his truck and shuttled me down to town for resupply. He is a host for the Warm Showers Bike Hosting Network, but also hosts CDT hikers.

I stayed in his house three nights thoroughly enjoying his cooking and entertainment. One eve, with the company of another CDT hiker, he pulled out his Meade collection for a sampling. What fun.

On a pedestal, in his living room, stands his touring bike in regal glory, all decked out for a tour. It is with his input that I was able to put together the elements of a bike tour, including my old, but hardly used MTB, and the dry box, and bag panniers. It is all your fault – Curtis – that I am considering biking the Southern Tier Route!

Thanks to a great Trail Angel. Get out on your bike soon!

Meade Sampling

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