ULA Packs – I own three. Have been using the large Catalyst lately for carrying water and more food.

Six Moon Designs Tarps – I love my Gatewood Cape and it has served well for years. During the 2016 season I used a Deschutes Tarp which has more living space.

Tyvek Bathtub Ground Sheet – DIY project.

Sierra Designs Backcountry Quilt – Simply great.

Thermarest Neo-Air Mattress – After four years of nearly continuous use it finally died. I will have it replaced with no complaints. So comfy.

MSR Titan Kettle, Mug, and Spoon – I don’t always carry the mug, but always miss it when I don’t. Have literally cooked thousands of meals in the kettle and it refuses to die.

Snow Peak Titanium Stove – The post supports after years of use have gone wacky. I will replace it with no complaints. I have lot’s of alcohol burners and sometimes carry one instead. I am not going to argue about the pro’s and con’s.

Sawyer Squeeze Filter – Can be back flushed, which makes a difference when you use turbid cattle tanks. I carry a couple of one liter disposable water bottles and a couple of foldable bladders when in arid regions.