This is the gear I carried on the CDT in Montana and Idaho in 2017 

ULA Packs – I own four. I used my custom cuben Ohm 2.0 on the PCT in 2014 and 2015. Also used the cuben pack on the Arizona Trail in 2015. I used the large Catalyst on the GET and the CDT in New Mexico in 2016, for carrying larger water loads and food. This last year I used a robic Ohm 2.0 on the CDT in Montana and Idaho. It is my favorite.

ULA Ohm 2.0

Six Moon Designs Tarps – I love my Gatewood Cape and it has served well for years. During the 2016 as well as the 2017 season I used a Deschutes Tarp which has more living space. It is great. Carried the net inner tent early in the season when the bugs were oh so bad. Life saver. Mailed it home when things dried out. Carried 8 titanium shepherd hooks. They do just fine.

Six Moons Designs Deschutes Tarp
Serenity Net Tent

Tyvek Bathtub Ground Sheet – DIY project. Just used a small piece of Tyvek this year.

DIY Tyvek bathtub floor in Deschutes Tarp

Sierra Designs 30 degree Backcountry Quilt – Simply great.

Sierra Designs Backcountry Quilt 30

Thermarest Neo-Air Mattress – After four years of nearly continuous use it finally died. I will have it replaced with no complaints. So comfy.

Thermarest Neo-Air XLite

MSR Titan Kettle, Cup, and Spoon – I don’t always carry the cup, but always miss it when I don’t. Have literally cooked thousands of meals in the kettle and it refuses to die. Note: I don’t carry the fork.

MSR Titan Kettle
MSR Titan Cup
MSR Titan Spoon


MSR Pocket Rocket2 – The pot stands on my SnowPeak Titanium gave out after 10 years. Replaced it with the new MSR Pocket Rocket2. I think the new MSR stove performs better at a low simmer and is hotter. It is noisier. I sometimes also carry a soda or cat can alcohol burner in case cannister fuel is not available in the resupply town. I have lot’s of alcohol burners and sometimes I just carry one instead. I am not going to argue about the pro’s and con’s of different stoves.

MSR Pocket Rocket2

Sawyer Squeeze Filter – Can be back flushed, which makes a difference when you use turbid cattle tanks. I carry a couple of one liter disposable water bottles and a couple of foldable Evernew 1.5 liter bladders when in arid regions. Don’t use the Sawyer bladders because they don’t hold up.

Sawyer Squeeze
Evernew 1.5 Liter

Gossamer Gear Carbon one piece trekking poles. If someone told you they are flimsy, guess again. Mine have gone near to 5000 Miles without problems. I carry a pair, though they are sold singly.

Gossamer Gear LT3

Rab Gear – Kinetic Jacket and Pants. I sometimes carry just the GateWood Cape as shelter and rain gear..

Mont Bel – Ultralight Down Jacket.

Go Lite – Original Ray Way Go Lite Umbrella. Don’t always carry, but sure is nice in the Monsoons.

Luna -Tattoo Concert Uke. Never a burden, a good friend til’ the end of the line.

Luna Tattoo Concert Uke