Flash Back CDT 2017 – Buddy Backpacker Triple Crowns

Check it out – this kid has Triple Crowned. That means he has completed hikes on all three of the great National Scenic Trails: The AT, PCT and the CDT. I first met him in the North Cascades on the PCT in 2014. Then in Glacier NP and in the Bitteroots, in Montana and Idaho, on the CDT in 2017.

Congratulations Buddy.
Glide On! Hike On!

The Buddy Backpacker Team

Flash Back September 2017 CDT – Warm Showers Biker Hiker Host

When on the Continental Divide Trail at Chief Joseph Pass, Curtis Bunton from Darby, Idaho hailed me over to his truck and shuttled me down to town for resupply. He is a host for the Warm Showers Bike Hosting Network, but also hosts CDT hikers.

I stayed in his house three nights thoroughly enjoying his cooking and entertainment. One eve, with the company of another CDT hiker, he pulled out his Meade collection for a sampling. What fun.

On a pedestal, in his living room, stands his touring bike in regal glory, all decked out for a tour. It is with his input that I was able to put together the elements of a bike tour, including my old, but hardly used MTB, and the dry box, and bag panniers. It is all your fault – Curtis – that I am considering biking the Southern Tier Route!

Thanks to a great Trail Angel. Get out on your bike soon!

Meade Sampling

Gliding on At last

After a long and lazy winter and spring on the hot spring circuit I am finally back on the Continental Divide trail again.  A beautiful girl working trail magic on me, is giving me a ride to the Trail Head at Elk Park near Butte. Heading Nobo to Canada, then floppin’ back to Butte. Then headed Sobo as far as summer and fall will allow. Never stop Gliding On!

Yours Truly, Glider

End of the Line

The Calm after another electrical storm.

What a strange, wild and wonderful trail we tread. I have reached the end of the line for my autumn hiking season in New Mexico. I stopped hiking in  Northern New Mexico in late September. Having began hiking from the Arizona trail starting May first, I have been on the trail for a long time. I have only hiked about 900 miles this year, but I spent many days on the ground out in nature. I took long stays in most of the trail towns getting a feel for the local scenes and geography. I met many very interesting and helpful people over the past months, but only two hikers on the GET and handful of CDT SOBO’s between Cuba and Pie Town. Because I often carried extra food, I hiked slow days and spent more time on the trail alone without seeing anyone for days on end. Very meditative. Played my ukelele a lot. Really enjoyed having it along.

Echoed the words of Woodie Gutherie. I ‘m walkin’ down the line, I’m walkin’ down the line. I’m walkin’ down the line. My feet will be a fly’in. Let me tell you bout’ my troubled mind.

I found the Grand Enchantment Trail challenging.I feel I had a successful experience hiking from The Arizona Trail to the Continental Divide Trail. North from there, after the Gila Wilderness and all that wading in the West and Middle Forks of the Gila the route used a lot of road. Most of the route finding was far easier on the CDT in New Mexico then on the Grand Enchantment Trail. (The GET is actually more of just a route.) I found the road walking on the CDT sometimes a relief, not having to worry too much about being off track.

Now I am kind of lost in a different kind of way. I have not decided where to continue on the quest of hiking the Great Loop. In the mean time I have staying at the Oracle Chalet Village Motel. Rather squandering my Social Security funds. I have just needed a rest from camping and have been enjoying the amenities of civilization we take for granted. But then how strange to have a TV and to be following our crazy presidential trail. Yikes what culture shock.

Next year I will start southbound on the CDT from Glacier National Park. That will not be until June or July. I am excited to think about that.

Now off to find some hot springs in the desert.


West Fork of the Gila River
West Fork of the Gila River
Mineral Creek Canyon
Mineral Creek Canyon


Home Sweet Home. Camp at Jordan Hot Springs.
Home Sweet Home. Camp at Jordan Hot Springs.
Jordan Hot Springs
Jordan Hot Springs
Cabezon Peak, New Mexico

New Mexico CDT

There are Mexican Grey Wolves in AZ + NM, but they don’t prowl with me. Not with the Lone Wolf.

I have changed my hiking mode this season, being very much a Vacilando. I’m soaking in the local culture and the hot springs!
Not much to be inspired about as far as distance and miles, yet the experience has been rich. To use a cliche: smiles not miles. When will I be in NM again?
Now I am hiking North in September Monsoon weather. The monsoon came late, but there are no problems with water sources. The rains filling tanks and pools.

The long and winding road seems to never end, keeps calling and beauty and adventure are ever present.
Lot’s of mountain bikers riding the CDT bike trail. Shared with them at the Toaster House Hostel in Pie Town. Thinking a bike might be the way to go. What do you think?
Glide On!

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